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The Blo Experience

Let the hair do the talking. Everyone likes to look great and feel special once in a while and what better way to do that, than with a brand new look. A new face, a new zest for life, a new hair-cut and perhaps even a new start, a fresh one. One where you leave the old you behind, the old hair behind and start fresh with a new reflection and a new you.

A reflection of smiles in sleek silver framed mirrors, hairdryers singing and the aroma of cappuccino and hair products fill the air. To my right perched on a high raised leather chair sits the very talented Louis Carver and to my left a friendly five year old with a tiara fit for a queen, admiring her reflection. It’s my turn now, I dip into my comfy chair, lift my feet from the floor and tilt my head back into the hands of sweet Violate, the lady with a joyful spirit, eager to wash my hair with care and indulge me on a massage I live to reminisce about. This hair experience is like no other and not your typical hairdressing experience. I feel at home, like part of a family here, a friend, a companion.

My hair is dampened with a towel, wrapped tightly and I am guided to my chair, where Jenna awaits to do what she loves, hair dressing, an art that she has perfected over her years of experience. I realized something while I sat there observing interactions with clients and staff members. Here at Blo Hairdressing, hairdressing is an art, a passion not just a cut, a blow and a colour styling. It's a hairdressing haven situated on the corner of Wells and Jan Smuts at the Parks shopping centre. Her hairdressing is a passion, a canvas for an art that brings the person behind the scenes with the scissors and brush alive, here at Blo hairdressing hair creations are something greater than just a new hair-do, it's a masterpiece of a unique customised creation in style, colour and body, a something that will leave you feeling confident, looking great and guaranteed to Blo you away.